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    About CalTIP » Prospective Members     Monday, August 20, 2018    
  Membership Criteria   


In order to be eligible for membership, you must meet all of the following criteria:

Entity Eligibility

  • Public agency
  • Organized and existing under California law
  • Empowered by law to provide public transit


  • Bus transit
  • Fixed route is ≥ 50% of revenue miles
  • Positive balance sheet equity
  Overview of Membership Application Process   

If your transit operation is interested in pursuing membership, our underwriting process is as follows:

1. Completion of Application -  The application form is submitted by your organization. CalTIP staff can assist you as you prepare the application. A non-refundable application fee of $500 and $25 per revenue vehicle (above the first ten) is charged to all applicants and must be received with the written application.  

2. Review for Completeness - CalTIP staff will review your application for completeness, and will attempt to secure missing data by phone. Copies of the application are then sent to CalTIP's broker and loss control manager, if necessary.

3. Review by Staff and Consultants - The application will be reviewed concurrently by CalTIP staff, its broker, and the loss control manager. The broker will evaluate the acceptability of the applicant to the excess/reinsurance carrier. CalTIP staff will analyze the applicant's current exposures, loss history, desired deductible/self-insured retention level, and the applicants' current risk management or safety program. The loss control manager may conduct site visits to inspect the applicant's general safety activities.

4. Site Visit/Recommendation to Member Services Committee - CalTIP staff and/or the loss control manager will visit the applicant's site to verify the application materials. Staff then summarizes the finding of all consultants and develops a recommendation for review and action by CalTIP's Member Services Committee.

5. Action by the Board of Directors - The Member Services Committee's recommendations are then forwarded to the CalTIP Board of Directors for final approval or denial, at one of the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board. Applicants are not required to appear before the Board, and will be notified upon the Board's decision.

For additional information or to obtain an application form, please contact Maria de Leon at memberservices@caltiponline.org