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    About CalTIP     Monday, August 20, 2018    
  About CalTIP   

The California Transit Indemnity Pool (CalTIP) is the result of the cooperative efforts of public transit operators acting collectively to meet their insurance needs. In the mid-1980's, public transit operators faced an insurance crisis of increasing premiums, decreasing coverages and increasing deductibles. Consequently, in 1985, the California Transit Association formed an insurance committee and authorized the preparation of a study of alternative methods of providing liability insurance coverage.

The study, which was completed in 1986, recommended that California's public transit operators band together and form a joint powers authority for the purpose of creating a self-funded insurance pool. The results clearly indicated the fact that transit operators needed more stable and less costly forms of insurance.

On May 1, 1987, CalTIP began providing a liability coverage program for its 12 initial members. The pool began offering immediate benefits to public transit operators, such as:

  • control over program operation, costs, and services
  • stability of insurance premiums, despite market fluctuations
  • availability of desired coverages, despite market conditions
  • bundled services, including claims administration and loss control

Since that time, CalTIP has added a Vehicle Physical Damage Program and has expanded its scope of services to meet the needs of its members. CalTIP now serves over 30 California transit operators.

Click here for information on CalTIP 's membership underwriting process.


The California Transit Indemnity Pool (CalTIP) has met all of the high professional standards established by the California Association of Joint Powers Authorities (CAJPA) in the areas of governance, finance, claims control, safety and loss prevention, excess coverage, and risk management. CAJPA's accreditation process requires reviews by independent consultants in all of these areas including the areas of accounting, claims adjusting, and actuarial analysis.

CalTIP is proud to have received the highest designation possible: "Accredited with Excellence."